FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix™

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FSLogix Office 365 Container for Citrix includes a range of new functionality to support roaming Office 365. This drop-in solution works with profile products from leading vendors, giving instant support for Office 365 and extending the life of existing infrastructure investments, while creating no disruption for IT or end users.

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FSLogix™ Office 365 Container For Citrix provides:

  • True Cached Exchange Mode – with patent-pending OST containerization, Outlook on XenApp and XenDesktop can now function and perform as if locally installed on a high performance workstation.  Users don’t need to compromise email and calendar performance to adopt strategic initiatives like virtual desktops.

  • Real-Time Search – enables inbox and personal folder search to work as designed on XenDesktop, with maximum performance, and no workarounds requiring end-user training or unique behaviour between physical and virtual environments.

  • Plug and Play management – features a micro-application footprint with drop-in installation, GPO templates, simple rules based configuration, and the use of existing CIFS/SMB servers, improving the ROI of existing enterprise infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure compatibility – works on all major virtual desktop and hosted email solutions, complimenting profile management products traditionally used in virtual workspace environments.

Office 365 Containers simple setup

1. Install the FSlogix Agent ( setup.exe from the download) on the system where the users will be logging on (and using Outlook).

2. Import and configure the supplied Administrative templates by copying
“fslogixODFC2.5.admx” to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions, and “fslogixODFC2.5.adml” to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US on the machine where the group policies will be created and assigned. Configure the GPO as follows (note the 1,2 and 3)

Image 124

Where (1) needs to be set to enabled.
Where (2) only need to be set to ‘enabled’ if an existing local OST needs to be migrated to an Office 365 Container.
Where (3) is the network share where the Office 365 Containers will be located.

(Optional). If the customer does not want to use Group Policies, Office 365 Containers can be configured by editing the registry on the system where the users will be logging on.

Locate HKLM\Software\Policies\FSLogix
Create New key OFDC
Create REG_DWORD called ‘Enabled’ with value ‘1’
Create REG_SZ called VHDLocations  where the value is the network share where the Office 365 Containers will be located

O365 Profile Container within the users Profile

Image 125

Linked to a VHD on a file server

Image 126

OST files with the O365 Profile Container

Image 127

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