RES One Workspace Core

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RES have pulled off a master stroke with introduction of Workspace Core. This will allow RES to keep pace and even gain on its more high Profile Competitors for management of the Users Workspace(Citrix UPM, Appsense, Liquidware Profile Unity and Microsoft Profile Disks to name a few). RES now offer a huge Chunk of its user workspace management for free.  This will allow partners to implement RES into any new or existing environments without any additional software or licence costs.  With using Workspace core as the foundation for all its products they can now offer there customers the flexibility to chose different levels or aspects of the products that they want to implement. The implementation of these additional Products is to apply a new licence file that will activate new aspects of the RES Console. There is no additional software install or upgrade required very simple and seamless.

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The adaptive security is not available but comes with the new Governance and Security Modules

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You can check here for a full list of features that are available for RES One Workspace for each of the new licence Modules.

RES One Workspace: Module Compatibility Matrix

The Workspace Core is now the foundation that all other the RES Products sit on top. The Core has aspects of Composition and Governance but none of the Security.

Image 120

RES ONE Workspace Core contains:

  • Basic Workspace Composition: (Global level not application Level)
  • Workspace Designer
  • Basic Managed applications
  • Workspace Extensions
  • Data Sources
  • Session-level User Settings (Global level not application Level)
  • Session-level Folder Synchronization (Global level not application Level)
  • Locations and Devices (Zones)


  • Citrix XenApp, TS RemoteApp, and Application Virtualization
  • RES products: RES ONE Service Store, RES ONE Automation, and RES VDX
  • Microsoft System Centre Integration and LANDesk Integration.


  • Building Blocks and Instant Reports
  • Workspace Control
  • Workspace Analysis

As you can see from the image below, the application management is only limited to the Properties and access Control options. If you install licence files for any of the other 3 products then new options become available.

Image 121

Here are 11 RES Videos that will bring you through a more detailed look at  RES One Workspace Core:

1. Introduction to RES ONE Workspace.
2. Installing RES ONE Workspace Core.
3. Managing the User Desktop Experience with RES ONE Workspace Core.
4. Application Management with RES ONE Workspace Core.
5. User Context with RES ONE Workspace Core.
6. Configuration Actions with RES ONE Workspace Core Part 1.
7. Configuration Actions with RES ONE Workspace Core Part 2.
8. User Settings with RES ONE Workspace Core.
9. Diagnostics with RES ONE Workspace Core.
10.Setup and Integration Options with RES ONE Workspace Core
11. Additional Resources for RES ONE Workspace Core

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